Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two Crabs Walk Into A Bar...

Three years ago someone in our group at the Quarterdeck ordered a hamburger. And I vaguely recall two things - everyone taking turns confirming 'You ordered a hamburger?' and that when it came out, it looked good. Very good, as I remember.

And this is noteworthy only because that's the first and only time in the five summers we've been organizing these annual group pilgrimages to the 'Deck that I've ever seen anyone deviate from the generally acknowledged gameplan: pitchers of lite beer, several baskets of fries and onion rings, and piles of steaming, Old Bay coated, fresh crabs.

Oh, there was a third thing - an enthusiastic, full-mouthed thumbs up offered from Hamburger Guy right before we all resumed Crab Fest. For $34.95, we'd rather spend the night picking as many crabs as we can before they close the kitchen. We're not about to mess with what works.

When you go, and you absolutely should, there aren't many tips to improve what has already been finely tuned. Get a reservation for outside( it's always packed!), and if you can, try to get your tables under their covered patio. Obvious but worth remembering. There's nothing much to see inside and if an evening thunderstorm blows through, you won't need to scramble around for a dry seat.

And definitely get the crabs. Though it will be obvious when you sit down and see everyone else around you tearing into them too. At least make visit #1 crabs. You can try the burger next time. That's what I've been telling myself for the past three years.

Rating: B+, limited options but what they do, they do very well

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